here you are GRUB hacking I've done if you are interested the home page of grub is here:
    name asc type size date description
download grub-0.91.img img 1.4 MB 26-09-06 image of the GRUB 0.91 floppy
download grub-0.91.txt txt 669  B 26-09-06 instructions for putting the grub image on the floppy
download grub-0.95.img img 1.4 MB 26-09-06 image of the GRUB 0.95 floppy
download grub-0.95.txt txt 1.5 KB 27-09-06 how to put the grub on the floppy
download grub-on-a-usb-memory.pdf pdf 71.8 KB 27-09-06 grub on a usb pen

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